Top by Heridadegato and Jacket Vintage.


Left: Tights Noname, Shirt Vintage, Shoes model’s own, Belt by Filichkina, Headband from H&M.


Left: Dress by Poling Benefit and Boots Vintage. Right: Skirt from H&M, Coat, Boots and Hat Vintage, Necklace from H&M X Maison Martin Margiela.


Dress Vintage.



It's not a secret that in every person we meet on our way, we look for our own reflection. We try to break the border between real and surreal. What appears to be real might feel otherwise. The fantastic invades our lives daily, but it often brings sadness. We try to make fun of it, so may have a change to survive in between the real and the fantastic.  

We are ghosts. We are clowns. We are awkward. We are sad. We are funny.

We are.

Creative Director, Photographer & Stylist - Alisa Calypso

Layout Editor - Suleika Müller

Make-Up Artist - Tanya Mokrushina

Talent - Liza at Lumpen