We are delighted to announce our latest issue – PETRIe Embodiment, in which we look at the body as definition and question, as cultural site and discourse, and as frontier and territory. Our writers and contributors explore the politics and aesthetics that inform perceptions and representations of corporeal existence: in image, movement, or enunciation, in bloom or in decay.

Elisa Silvestri and Simone Steenberg investigate the relation between body and clothing, articulated on dichotomic pairs such as: clothed and nude, moving with and against the body, proximity and remoteness. Touch and emotion are central notions in Feels Embraced, a visual story from PETRIe Creative Director Fabio Merche and photographer Lillie Eiger, who emphasise the interconnectedness of form and idea, of the tangible and the abstract, and of body and spirit.

Writer Astrid Scheuermann offers a sharp analysis of the body within the current digital and technological realm, while Claudia Manca looks at how we make sense of death and our bodily limitations, in an age of innovation and limitlessness. Fashion writer Flora Walsh explores visual and sartorial projections of power, revisiting the personal and the political in representations of femininity.

Enjoy the issue and be inspired!


Words - Elena Stanciu

Video EditorFabio Merche

Cover Image - Shot by Simone Steenberg, styled by Elisa Silvestri, Noah at Select Model Management wears Shirt by Ashley Williams and Coat by Burberry.