Tights by   Wolford .

Tights by Wolford.

Left:  Skirt by   Topshop ,  Dress from   Beyond Retro ,  Jacket by   Sabinna   and Scarf from   Beyond Retro . Right:  Trousers  and Blazer by  Kaimin .

Left: Skirt by Topshop, Dress from Beyond Retro, Jacket by Sabinna and Scarf from Beyond Retro. Right: Trousers and Blazer by Kaimin.


Top by Sabinna, Dress by Shiori Suzuki, Socks and Shoes stylist’s own and Sunglasses by Topshop.


Left: Dress and Blazer from Beyond Retro, Belt by Topshop, Net Scarf stylist’s own. Right: Dress from Beyond Retro, Net Dress by Shiori Suzuki and Tights worn as Sleeves by Cecilia de Rafael Sevilla.


Right: Top by Alexa Chung and Blazer stylist’s won.


Right: Leggings by Xiao Li, Shirt by Alexa Chung, Blazer stylist’s own, Scarf from Beyond Retro, Gloves and Boots stylist’s own.

Draw the Curtain is a visual exploration of identity at the crossroads of what is seen and what is hidden. Photographer Charlotte O'Shea and Stylist Nadia Dahan produce a playful commentary on the role of the hidden in an age of over-exposure.

The trope of the curtain speaks to privacy and the border between the familiar and the unfamiliar, and informs here an inquisitive take on the agency of the individual: Can we ever hide ourselves entirely? Is there a way back from total exposure? What´s the role of the body in understanding our own hypervisibility? What are we, when no one is looking?

Photographer - Charlotte O'Shea

Stylist - Nadia Dahan

Layout Editor - Suleika Müller

Talent - Flora Lis at Elite Model Management London