Taking on the R’n’B world one feline footstep at a time, LA native Ami Zandile aka Doja Cat came to London in December 2014 to lead her debut UK headline show Doja Cat LIVE at Shorebitch and to promote her debut EP, Purrr!

“Does she sing about blunts?” I overheard whilst at her gig at popular East London venue Birthdays. That’s what you get when you listen to her hit song So High. She talks about feeling infatuated by love and juxtaposes this to drugs. Although this topic is very common in music, Doja Cat takes it into new realms by singing adorably over the string of a guitar, slow basses, and also rapping, which comes out hazy with her own neo-soul stamp all over it.

In No Police, Doja Cat starts with a gentle “rawwrrr” and “whee-ooh whee-ohh,” mimicking the sound of sirens. In addition to showing off her TLC-inspired rap skills, this track sees Doja Cat offer the best of her vocal and lyrical abilities over a clever sample of Dream Koala's We Can't Be Friends.

Far from catty, Doja Cat’s EP has an authentic chilled vibe, making it perfect for a night in. 

Make sure to check out her EP here

Words: Dimas Bian