We are pleased to announce that our January 2017 issue, PETRIe Disorder is launched. Visual explorations of disorder describe, define, celebrate, and reconceptualise instances of revolt, disobedience, and uprising, with the intent to capture the underlying beauty, complexity, and life-giving dynamism of the concept.

Key features include a conversation with artist Francesco Albano from contributor Annunziata Santelli, who attempts to map the grotesque in the larger visual manifestation of disorder. Fashion writer Flora Walsh undertakes an exploration of sexual imagery in fashion, analysing the notion of the obscene against fluctuating codes of moral order. Acknowledging the rise of affect as a main decision-making tool, Sergio Lopez explores the making and breaking of political collectives through various discourses of emotion.


Words - Elena Stanciu

Video EditorFabio Merche

Cover Image - Shot by Leo D’Oriano and styled by Maroussia Sampsidis, Marylou at Elite Paris wears Tights by Wolford, Shorts and Top by DromeShoes by Gucci and Necklace by Diana Law.