This week PETRIe brings escalating tones and dynamic drum rhythms. Sheltering us with warm low notes and providing a sharp and tidy introduction to this week's music - Dilation. This is a deep bass filled playlist incorporating otherworldly instrumentals, under transposed keys and circling rhythms. 

The intro of Track 1 - Daniel Avery, ‘Clear’ - breaks the silence with a chaotic accumulation of sounds gathering together to form an endless stream of trance. Track 4 Christian Loffler’s ‘Unknown’ is a pure ‘signature’ piece with its chilled melodies and minimal percussion skilfully underlining Loffler’s ability to tell a story electronically. 

Track 6, Monkey Safari ‘Walls (Guy Gerber's Office Sex Remix)’ is dark and vibrant, simultaneously catchy and sexual. This record boosts the pace of the playlist, bringing energy and flavour to the mix. On to Track 12 Steamy Peen, ‘Dookie pack ft. drk’andyou are greeted by oozing chilled-out vibes with folk foundations, with atmospheric vocals adding to its delicate nature. 

Drawing closer to the end you'll come across Track 16 Dorisburg ‘Strings’. This track strings a strong beat and alternative group of samples making it a highlight in the mix itself. You'll hear wind instruments build up against chords and progressive cymbal clashes. Finally Track 19 Dauwd’s ‘Silverse (Dub Edit)” is deeply hypnotic with its collapsing sounds and resonating drum beat; another contender for the biggest deep house song this week. The transformation of the track alone is wondrous as it seamlessly reimagines itself into a darkly tribal piece of electronica.

Daniel Avery - Clear

Tobias - Take

Curtis Heron - Gemma

Christian Löffler - Unknown


Monkey Safari - Walls (Remix)

Black Dunes - This Will Destroy You (Remix)

Vessels - Elliptic

Origamibiro - Butterfly Jar

William Basinski - Cascade

DRK - Nambla

Steamy Peen - Dookie Pack feat. DRK

Tobias - Rag Doll

DRK - Void

Rival Consoles - Helios

Cloud - Strings

Laurel - Fire Breather

Portable Sunsets - Sisters

Dauwd - Silverse (Dub Edit)

Jono McCleery - Ballade (Djrum Remix)

Words: Luke Cole