Left: Trousers by Pinko, Dress and Belt by Cenci, Choker stylist's worn. Right: Dress by Cenci, Shirt from Modes and More and Boots by Paula Knorr.

Left: Tights stylist's own, Coat from Beyond Retro, Hat and Belt by Cenci. Right: Dress from Modes and More, Belts by Cenci and Globes from Rokit.

Left: Trousers by Alexandre Arsenault, Dress by Cenci, Top by Zimmermann and Necklace stylist's own. Right: Tights stylist's own, Dress by Zimmermann, Top by Irene Sj Yu and Shoes by Cenci.

Left: Coat stylist's own.

Left: Knickers and Bra by Cenci, Dress by Zimmermann, Socks and Shoes stylist's own. Right: Trousers and Coat by Alexandre Arsenault, Top by Cenci, Shirt from Modes and More, Boots stylist's own.


This fashion story draws inspiration from the early days of Grunge, and the creative work of Nirvana and Courtney Love. The sense of rebellion that Grunge manifested against pop culture's clean and polished musical, sartorial, and visual choices is fully embraced by photographer Katie Burdon and stylist Raul Castilla, who present an eclectic and visually rich take on this subculture.

The roughness of creative force is balanced with sensitivity and softness, a duality that betrays expectations and defies categorisation. Patterns, colours, and bold accessories turn styling into a tool of cultural dialogue, with the story arcing over an oft-universal feeling of nostalgia. The choices of background and angle often emphasise a certain verticality of the subject, an ascension almost similar to a ritual, repetitive and liberating movement that pushes to conquer the space around, above, and beyond.


PhotographerKatie Burdon

StylistRaul Castilla

Layout Editor - Luca Barbieri

Hair Stylist - Asahi Sano

Make-Up Artist - Asuka Fukuda

TalentMagda at PRM