PETRIe is delighted to announce the launch of our new digital theme, "Deconstruction," curated in collaboration with digital designer Luca Barbieri, as Guest Layout Editor. During the coming month, we seek to question form and content, explore shape and meaning, challenge established legitimation strategies, and destabilise conventions. Writers and contributors will address origins and structures of definitions we accept as true, while artists will aim to creatively disturb the apparent order of the visual realm that surrounds us.

Key features in this issue include a critical account of violence in the 21st century, by Claudia Manca, an analysis of gender deconstruction in fashion by writer Flora Walsh, and an attempt to dismantle recurring modes of desirability in the so-called war on the self, by contributor George Cheese.         

Photographer Sabine Mirlesse and PETRIe Fashion Director, Samia Giobellina, propose a deconstructive account on modern beauty, starting from various cultural interpretations of the human body. Corporeality remains the central trope in Raw to the Surface, a visual story set in Venice, from stylist Alberto Grossule and fashion photographer Camilla Glorioso, who draw on the fragility of the embodied human condition, paralleled by that of architecture.

We hope this issue will inspire you!

Words: Elena Stanciu

Video Editor: Fabio Merche