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Trousers by Julian Zigerli and Top by Wesley Harriott.

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Left: Tights stylist's own, Knickers by Les Girls Les Boys and Shirt by Edward Crutchley. Right: Tights stylist's own and Top by Agnès B.

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Left: Shorts by Agnès BShirt by Olivia Von Halle and Socks by Arela. Right: Shorts worn underneath by Mandkhai, Bra by Les Girls Les Boys and Dress by  Antonio Berardi.

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Top by Emporio Armani.

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Left: Dress by Isa Arfen. Right: Knickers and Bra by Les Girls Les Boys.

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Left: Dress by David Koma and Eye Mask by Arela.

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“Daydreamer” puts together a narrative of personal freedom, in the context of various implied social, cultural, and political limits and boundaries. Expectation, prejudice, motives, and explanations are thrown together into a mix of emotions, senses, and reason, with the subject engaged with the greatness of everyday moments in a space of comfort and freedom.  

Shot by Michiyo Yanagihara and styled by Salina Hayashi, “Daydreamer” emphasises the luxury of the dream, the intangible, invisible escape, nevertheless keeping the subject grounded in recognisable settings. Interiors, dominated by geometric tensions, liminal spaces, such as windows and balconies, and the familiar space of a bedroom are isolated here to suggest a takeover while implying abandonment; the imminence of exiting a given environment, but the choice to linger, to hold onto the dream.


PhotographerMichiyo Yanagihara

StylistSalina Hayashi

Layout Editor - Luca Barbieri

Hair StylistMiho Emori

Make-Up Artist - Machiko Yano

TalentNeema Kayitesi