Tights by Joanna Berling, Knickers by Baserange, Top by Martine Rose, Coat by Paula Knorr and Shoes by Converse.

Tights by Falke, Skirt by Naya Rea, Top by Back by Ann-Sofie Back and Earrings by O Thongthai x Ryan Lo

Left: Knickers by Pandora Sykes x Hunza G and Top by Teatum Jones. Right: Top by Maxine Beiny.


Left: Trousers by Barbara I Gongini, Top worn underneath by Joanna Berling, Top and Sleeves by Roberts Wood and Shoes by Attribute x Erin Wasson. Right: Shirt by Teatum Jones, Corset from Beyond RetroStockings by Point Blank and Choker by Hanger.



Left: Skirt worn underneath by Emma CharlesSkirt worn on top by Joanna Berling and Socks stylist's own. Right: Shirt by Palmer//Harding and Corset from Beyond Retro.


With Dawn, photographer Karoliina Barlund and stylist Lee Trigg investigate the psychology and physicality of insomnia, drowning their subjects in a perpetual lingering on the edge of consciousness. The frailty of body and mind, as consequence of sleep deprivation, is the point of departure in this visual study of lack and loss. Without rest, the mind dissipates, comes undone, losing its grip on reality.

Framed along a reassuring geometry of space, as the last trace of objective truth, the story describes a state of contradiction and struggle, of paralysis and mobility, imagining the frightening, yet liberating moment of falling asleep.


PhotographerKaroliina Barlund

StylistLee Trigg

Guest Layout Editor - Luca Barbieri

Make-Up ArtistBobana Parojčić using Trish McEvoy

Hair StylistWaka Adachi using Bumble and Bumble

Talent - Maj at Elite London