This year marks the opening of the Punk London anniversary campaign – A Celebration of 40 Years of Subversive Culture, which inspired an entire generation to speak without fear, challenge conventions and 'create without borders.' Throughout 2016, London will host exhibitions, music, films and events to revive the 'excitement and energy that define the irrepressible attitude that is punk.'

In support of this campaign, PETRIe presents 'Culture Squads', a project produced in collaboration with Youth Club, the Mayor of London office and Fifth Planet Productions. Designed as an investigation of the relevance of subculture for today's post-digital generation, this piece reaches out to six young Londoners. In a stream of consciousness exercise, the interviewees revisit iconic images from the Youth Club archive that depict subculture movements through the last four decades, while discussing the impact of contemporary digital culture on creativity and the changing structures of rebellion itself.

Vibes of riot and rebellious energy in Dream Wife's 'Hey Heartbreaker' add to the mood of the tumultuous creative force of the punk movement, as 'the squad' reflects on the meaning of subculture and remnants of punk attitudes, still relevant for contemporary generations.


Words - Elena Stanciu

Images from Youth Club Archive

Interviewees - Fern Bain Smith, Junior Cobbinah, Linda Mangold, Jon-Paul Matyus Flynn, Aled Williams and Charlie Mason

Corespondent - Sarah Mulindwa

Film crew - Nic Flatt, Stacey Powers and Sam Craggs at Fifth Planet Productions

Music - 'Hey Heartbreaker' by Dream Wife

Producers - Benjamin Thapa, Zadrian Smith and Jamie Brett

Location - The Book Club Shoreditch with special thanks to Lucy Sambrook

Supported by Mayor of London