Luci and the Soul Brokers

Luci and the Soul Brokers

It’s rare to find a band whose energy alone can send waves of pure, positive vibes from the stage to the audience; yet the live music of Panamanian four-piece, Luci and the Soul Brokers, does just that.

Formed in 2011, the ensemble’s stylistic blend of jazz, funk, rock and R&B has managed to forge a space in the hearts of regional music lovers across the globe. Performing shows in Costa Rica's capital, San José, and in several festivals in their native Panama, Luci – as they are commonly known – create a fresh sound infused with tropical beats and powerful musical messages.

Luci is formed of Friolo Rodríguez on bass, Armando Wong on guitar, Daniel Obando on saxophone and Mayra Hurley on vocals; often joined on stage by a host of professional Panamanian-based musicians. Their energetic and intense live performances, pulsing with passion, are similarly encapsulated within their untitled EP - Luci’s first piece of studio work.

It consists of six tracks: ‘Diabla’, ‘Nubes Ligeras’, ‘Ritmo y Melodía’, ‘Unbound’, ‘Sube Tu Mirada’ and ‘Don’t You Understand?’. Sweet notes of saxophone complement Hurley’s fabulous suave voice in ‘Diabla’, transporting listeners to the smoothest of jazz clubs. Meanwhile the powerfully determined lyrics of ‘Ritmo y Melodía’ are brought to life with vibrant flow and a unique funky beat.

Each of the EP's remaining tracks equally encapsulate the timeless style of jazz whilst rock influences subtly demand the listeners’ attention. Eclectic and unique, Luci take their listeners on a vibrant journey from unwinding in their seats to standing up and dancing on them.

As for Luci’s own journey? It is just the beginning. Recently announcing a collaboration with Italian singer and leading man of the Gypsy Queens, Didier Casnati, audiences are set to be filled afresh by the band’s soulful waves.

Words: Astrid Scheuermann

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