Zorana wears Overalls by Sara Ceradini.

Anita wears Trousers, Coat and Shoes stylist's own.

Anita wears Trousers and Jacket by Serena Novello and Gilet stylist's own.

Right: Zorana wears T-shirt by Andrea Koes, Coat by MSGM and Scarf stylist's own.

Anita wears Jacket stylist's own.

Francesco wears Jumper and Apron model's own.

Francesco wears Overalls by Circus Hotel.

Zorana wears Overalls by Sara Ceradini.

Top centre: Zorana wears Top by Supreme. Right: Anita wears Shorts by Circus Hotel, Top and Gloves stylist's own.

Zorana wears Overalls by Sara Ceradini.

Italy is the ground we walk on, the place we love like devoted children, the country we admire for its stunning beauty. As a contrast, in sad dismay, we can't stop expressing our disappointment. We don't believe in fashion as a fake cultural structure, but we support the emancipation of a society struggling with protecting minorities and our generation. Religion, politics, work, and sexual diversity are themes we approach through the lenses of our aesthetics. "Go easy" has been our mantra: we’re giving some clues through these pictures, the starting point of a silent but productive dialogue we want to establish with anyone looking.

Charta17 was born in a 1900s farmhouse, in the middle of Italian fields, where Anita Viero's grandparents took good care of each other for more than 60 years: A dusty place that still smells of newspapers and butter cookies. We did it all, with honesty and simplicity.


Art DirectorsNicola Novello and Anita Viero

Photographer - Nicola Novello

Stylist - Anita Viero

Guest Layout Editor - Luca Barbieri

Collaborator - Serena Novello

Talents - Zorana Maslakovic, Anita Pierobon and Francesca Solollari.