1. Ben Klock – Sirens (Original Mix)

It’s too bad that I could only find a teaser version of this track on SoundCloud. It’s an absolute killer. It takes you on a trip and just doesn’t let go of you.

2. Qtier – Set Me On (Original Mix)

I got to know this track through the Edu Imbernon Remix and absolutely fell in love with Qtier’s voice. I’d still love to work together with this guy.

3. Frank & Tony feat. Bob Moses – Holding On (Original Mix) - PT.1

The first time I ever heard this track, it was the winter of 2013. I was in the bathroom getting ready for a night out while listening to some tracks. It completely blew my mind.

4. Bob Moses – Far From The Tree (Original Mix) - PT.2

The same thing that happened for me with ‘Holding On’ happened with this track when I was in Thailand chilling on the beach, watching the sun go down. A local DJ was playing ‘Far From The Tree’ - initially, I didn’t immediately find out who made this track. Then at Tomorrowland (one of the biggest electronic music festivals in the world) this July, it was raining cats and dogs, so we walked into the first stage where Bob Moses was performing this track live. Then I knew. It was the best moment of Tomorrowland for sure.

5. David August – Forgive Me If I Bleed (Original Mix)

I’m quite digging everything that David August produces. I saw him playing live, together with his ensemble in Piaf Antwerpen a couple of weeks ago and truly enjoyed the concert.

6. Electric Rescue – Bray (Keith Carnal Remix)

I found this track on Beatport not too long ago and actually quite dig everything produced by Keith Carnal. I especially like the way the melodies in this track work together with the quite aggressive, straightforward techno beats. I’ve always found that an interesting combination.

7. Alan Fitzpatrick – Memories Of A Time Once Past But Long Forgotten (Reprise String)

Again, it’s too bad I could only find the teaser version of this track on SoundCloud. I have a major soft spot for strings so obviously I completely lost my heart to this track the first time I heard it. I remember that I combined both the reprise version and the original mix at the start of my set at Tomorrowland in 2014.

8. Recondite – Leafs (Original Mix)

One of the best tracks ever made by Recondite, in my opinion. I loved his entire Hinterland album, and also love his new album ‘Placid’, released on Acid Test in October.

9. Nina Kraviz – Ghetto Kraviz (Regal 303 Remix)

Years after the release of Nina’s album, Regal made two insanely good remixes of the best known track of the album; an acid remix and its dub version. Both are insanely good.

10. James Blake – Retrograde (Finnebassen & Finn Pilly Edit)

This is a beautiful edit of the even more beautiful track by James Blake, from his album ‘Overgrown’. I’m a big fan of everything that James Blake does, and this version is just perfect to listen to while driving around in your car at night.

11. Aphex Twin – Aisatsana (Original Mix)

Even though the entire album is very strong, this track speaks the most to me. It is beautifully raw in its pure simplicity.

12. Howling – Signs (Rodhad Remix)

This is an immensely strong remix by Rodhad. I’m absolutely in love with this one. It’s one of the best remixes ever made.

13. DBX – Losing Control (Original Mix)

This track was produced when I was two years old, in 1994. I actually play this one quite a lot and it’s an absolute floor killer. I love the stripped down structure of this track. It has reminded me that I should urgently buy this vinyl.

14. Four Tet & Burial – Moth (Original Mix)

This one will never grow old. The first time I heard this track was during the winter. I remember I was fascinated by it and ever since, when I hear this track, it reminds me of that particular period of time.

15. Fatima Yamaha – What’s A Girl To Do (Original Mix)

This track reminds me of summer, hanging out with friends at parties and festivals. Good memories.

16. Plastikman – Exhale (Dixon’s Just Another Mixdown Version)

I actually wanted to choose the original mix for this but I couldn’t find it on SoundCloud. I’m in love with the entire EX album. Even the remix EP is so damn strong with remixes from Tale Of Us, Recondite, Dubfire and, of course, Dixon. Love it.

17. Len Faki & Funktion – Roller (Original Mix)

Again, this is the teaser version, but an absolute banger track that keeps on ‘rolling’. I love to play this one. It works every single time.

18. Andre Kronert – Trip (Original Mix)

I’m digging this. It’s lovely stripped down techno and I could listen to this everyday.

19. BRNS – Void (Raving George Remix)

It might seem a bit cocky to include my own remix in this list (under my previous alter-ego of ‘Raving George’), but I truly love BRNS and their album ‘Patine’. I was really happy when I could make a remix for them. Remixing ‘Void’ was quite interesting; it was one of the first times that I had tried producing at this kind of tempo, and so this remix actually taught me a lot.

20. Foals – Late Night (Solomun Remix)

It was hard to pick the one I liked the most between the Subb-an remix or the Solomun remix. They’re both absolutely mind-blowing. If I have to play a close down set somewhere, chances are high that it’ll be the Subb-an Remix.

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Words: Charlotte de Witte

Photography: Nicolas Karakatsanis @ Melting Pot Agency