All looks by Issey Miyake Men.







Born and Bred documents four young English lads in their post-adolescent glory. A voyeuristic approach highlights the inherited traits of social behaviour. The series fittingly named after a term often used with pride by northern English lads, touches upon the stereotypes behind skinheads, boyhood and middle-class culture through a series of intimate portraits.

Inspired by Taryn Simon's project, A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters, in which family bloodlines were recorded through a series of typology, photographer Jakub Koziel and stylist Brillant Nyansago were fascinated by the idea of existing portraits serving as evidence of one's forefathers' origins.

In contrast to Yusuke Takahashi's inspiration for Issey Miyake Men, where a nomadic sense and lost of belonging echoed throughout the Fall 2016 menswear collection, the looks used in Born and Bred were assigned to each boy as a uniform and representation of their lifestyle.


Photographer - Jakub Koziel

Stylist - Brillant Nyansago

Hair Stylist - Simon Khan

Talents - Phoenix-Blu at Select Model Management, Joseph Kinsella at Models 1, George Rigby and Joshua Peach at Premier Model Management

Special thanks to Piera Berardi and Ai Nemoto from Issey Miyake.