Maxim wears Dress by Toga Pulla.

Lily wears body by Base Range, Top and Shirt by Aries.

Katie wears Dress by Steventai.

Isabelle wears Dress by Araks.

Right: Lulu wears Trousers by Wood Wood. Left: Charlie wears Dress by Atea.

Sofiya wears Trousers by Etre Cecile.

Yasmin wears Knickers by Base Range and Top by Aries.


Sophie wears Jeans by Aries, Top from Vintage Palace and Shoes by Dora Teymur.

Pavo wears Trousers by Our Legacy and Top by Soulland.


Scars are the language our life speaks when telling us not to forget. As skin refuses to heal, scars become one of our body's modes of aesthetic expression, a resistance to erasure, an enduring link to our past, signalling necessary human weakness, yet informing the strength to close the wound.

Scars are the proof that we survived, that our body was victorious against traumatic elements, and that it would rather preserve the memory of its triumph.

In Behind The Scarsphotographer Sophie Mayanne and stylist Lulu Wentworth explore scars within larger narratives of embodiment and aesthetics. A play of visibility and invisibility is at work in this story, as memories associated with scars are articulated, in an attempt to convey the complexity of the subjects' experiences.


Photographer - Sophie Mayanne

Stylist - Lulu Wentworth

Hair Stylist - Yuko Aio

Styling Assistant - Isabelle Smedley

Talents - Maxime, Lily, Katie at D1 Models, Isabelle, Lulu, Charly, Sofiya, Yamin, Sophie and Pavo.