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Shirt by Bogdar, Jacket by Belstaff, Glasses by Komono and Earrings by Ekria.

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Left: Trousers and Blazer by Antonio Beradi, Earrings and Ring by Shaun Leane. Right: Jacket by Belstaff.

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Left: Dress by David Koma, Gloves by Ryan Lo and Sunglasses by Linda Farrow. Right: Dress own underneath by Haal, Dress worn on top by Teatum Jones.

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Left: Dress by Teatum Jones and Earrigs by Ekria.

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Dress by Katie Illingsworth, Shoes by Neous, Earrings by Carolina Bucci and Sunglasses by Illesteva.

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Left: Ring by Shaun Leane.

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Full Look by Katie Illingsworth.


Left: Top by Angel Chen. Right: Skirt by Baserange, Shirt by DKNY, Blazer by Farnol and Boots by Laurence Dacade.


In their story, “Back to Front,” photographer Sam Copeland and Stylist Jessica Stebbings create a space where intensity meets stoicism, where stability is balanced by impetuousness, and the promise of personal accomplishment is vivid. The story explores and subverts the many preconceived ideas surrounding the female figure, placing in each frame social and cultural cues to be decoded by the viewer.

The clean, rather well-behaved choice of palette, setting, and hues is doubled by the present, yet unmarked, struggle and complicated experience of being a woman – this is visually enhanced by the alternating posture of front and back, a play with the body as well as a play with the cultural and political meanings attached to it. The non-descriptive interiors emphasise the sense of enclosure and fragmentation, which bear historical weight, while suggesting the possibility of exit, escape, or necessary return.


Photographer  - Sam Copeland

Styling & Art DirectionJess Stebbings @ Frank Agency

Layout Editor - Luca Barbieri

Hair StylistJosh Knight at Caren using Fudge Professional

Make-Up ArtistMichelle Dacillo at Caren using Bobbi Brown

Talent - Simona Puidokaite at Storm Model Management

Styling AssistantRachel Williams

Photography Assistant  - Jess Ellis