ASYMPTOTE merges past and present into unified visual form connecting photography, video and sound. The creative trio Natalia Evelyn Bencicova, Arielle Esther and Adam Csoka Keller explore a surreal and unnerving fictional space through a journey that portrays a momentary state of mind. 

Shot primarily in ex-soviet locations, ASYMPTOTE presents a jarring combination of contemporary digital language and its connection to the functionality of modern society with real archival material sourced to mark pivotal moments in history. Fashion is used as the main medium to unify each person into a whole, and therefore every anomaly stands for failure. 

The undeniable power of these references and their associated meaning lead to the intrinsically human question in regard to the balance of conformity and individuality, order vs chaos.


Directors & PhotographersNatalia Evelyn Bencicova and Adam Csoka Keller

Sound Designer:  Arielle Esther

AssistantBea Prekopova