We are thrilled to present a special film revealing the second cover of the upcoming PETRIe 69: Extinction issue.

Nothing is real, nothing is true. All is possible. Born into heavy structures of oppressive thoughts and idealised societal rules, we must all behave ourselves before we even know who we are. Well-behaved and disciplined, we watch our end unfold. Photographer Laura Marie Cieplik and Fashion Director Samia Giobellina stage a necessary misbehaving, where all is possible and all is true.

Photographer - Laura Marie Cieplik

Fashion Director - Samia Giobellina

Videographer - Sander Antoniak

Hair Stylist - Carole Douard

Make-Up Artist - Hugo Villard

Talent - Arvida ByströmNiki Geux & Jo Vankerckhove at Premium Models