If one were to capture the sound of 2015, the beats of Alejandro Ghersi, also known as Arca, would surely pulse through the mix.

London-based and Venezuelan-born Arca is the musician, mixing engineer and producer responsible for the success of Yeezus, along with the multi-layered sound electronic producers out there such as Evian Christ and Hudson Mohawke. He has also collaborated with queen rapper Mykki Blanco and not forgetting new trip hop singer FKA Twigs.

Arca has already achieved all this at just 24 years old, and is now busy promoting his new album Xen, while also working as sole producer of the upcoming Bjork album. His talent and potential are making waves throughout the industry.

Much of the videography surrounding Xen, created by Arca with his long-time collaborator Jesse Kanda, is reminiscent of the aesthetic of Chris Cunningham’s short film Rubber Johnny. It’s been a while since an album has sounded so deep. Escaping genre, it makes listeners think about how sounds and images can be stretched into something totally new and original. With the touch of Midas, we wonder what Arca will turn his creative hand to next. The dynamic is electric.

Words: Dimas Bian



Artwork: Jesse Kanda