We are happy to announce the launch of our new digital theme – PETRIe Appropriation. Our talented writers and contributors will address this highly controversial and relevant topic, looking at some of the many areas marked by it: space and culture, contemporary visual art, cinema, fashion, and language.

Key contributions to this issue include fresh analyses of art and cultural appropriation in fashion, from Annunziata Santelli and Sergio Lopez, intriguing examinations of cinematic tropes and practices from Astrid Scheuermann and Alice Tuffery, and a wonderfully dark series from photographers Alice Kong and Maroussia Sampsidis, who, inspired by American pop icon Cher, explore ambiguities of colour and texture placed within a powerful inside – outside liminality.

With this issue, PETRIe seeks to examine complexities and ramifications embedded in the concept and practice of appropriation. While opposing instances of cultural or symbolic violence, we nevertheless celebrate the creativity and resourcefulness at the heart of the cultural dialogue and exchange of ideas that characterise our world today.

We hope this issue inspires you all: to create, learn, and reflect.

Words: Elena Stanciu

Video Editor: Fabio Merche