Left: Nejilka wears Trousers by Jens Laugesen, Hoodie by BrutaJacket  by OHG and Earrings model's own. Right: Jassira wears Skirt and Jacket worn on top by Monki, Jacket worn underneath by Timberland, Boots by Christian Louboutin and Sunglasses vintage.


Left: Nejilka wears Trousers by Eudon Choi, Jacket by OHG, Shoes by Chloe GosselinSunglasses vintage and Jacket hanged on the bike by Lu Mei. Right: Jassira wears Coat by Lu Mei and Heels by Chloe Gosselin.


Left: Madu wears Body by Wolford, Trousers by Suncoo, Coat by Masha Ma and Heel by Chloe Gosselin. Right: Jassira wears Skirt by Paula Knorr, Hoodie by Suncoo, Jacket tied around the waist by North Face and Boots by Chloe Gosselin.


Left: Nejilka wears Trousers by Ganni, Top by Jens Laugesen, Jacket by The North Face and Boots by Christian Louboutin. Right: Madu wears Hoodie by Bruta, Coat  by Isa Arfen and Shoes by Chloe Gosselin.


Left:  Jassira wears Skirt by Tommy ZhongTop by Paula Knorr and Boots by Christian LouboutinMadu wears Trousers by Paula KnorrJacket by The North Face and Shoes by Chloe Gosselin.


Considering Virginia Wolf’s legacy in modern literature and culture, Anonymous was a Woman elaborates on some feminist motifs that traverse her works.

Proposing a contemporary reinterpretation of themes such as witchcraft or World War I, photographer James Deacon and stylist Estefania Hageman explore the antagonisms at the core of femininity today. The biker aesthetic is inverted, calling out stereotypes that dilute the spirit of subcultures or groups outside of the mainstream. The clash of two bodies, the organic and the mechanical, speaks to a perpetual tension in a world where technology increasingly mirrors humanity.


Photography - James Deacon

Styling - Estefania Hageman

Layout Editor - Suleika Müller

Hair Stylist - Thomas Silverman using R+co

Make-Up Artist - Verity Cumming

Casting Director- Adrian Arias

Talents: Jassira Pinto at Next Models, Madu Garcia at Select Models and Nejilka at Nevs Models.

Special thanks to: Motoden