For one of the four covers of upcoming PETRIe 68: Not Your Savage, Zadrian Smith travels to his native Savannah, Georgia, to be joined by his family in a beautiful and moving exploration of roots and kinship, all covered in the timelessness and certainty of love. Photographer Ben Beagent isolates unique moments of tenderness and joy, turning spatial choices, corporeal detail, and the play of light into observation tools. His lens unfolds scattered bits of nostalgia, pain, hope, and a form of necessary sadness, all feeding a narrative of endurance. 

Videographer Andy Picci produces a reflective piece on Smith and Beagent's Ain't no Beauty in Savannah, focusing on the journey and the destination, their interconnectedness and overlapping. His aesthetic processing of these deeply human notions turns towards questions of belonging and safety, freedom and individuality, pointing at the universality of the human condition: we can all go home; we all have our own; we are all equal in the way we love and suffer.


Video - Andrea Picci

Photographer - Ben Beagent

Stylist - Zadrian Smith

Talent - Isyss