Dress by Kitty Joseph

Bodysuit stylist's own and trousers by Danielle Romeril

Top & skirt by Teatum Jones

Dress by Self-Portrait

Top, underwear & skirt by Susana Bettencourt

Dress and boots by Paula Knorr

Dress by Self-Portrait

 Top by Paula Knorr

Dress by Phoebe English

Dress by Bora Aksu

Adolescere is a culmination of two key influences - Gucci's revival and the rise of Vetements. Gucci for its geek-chic eclectic inspiration and Vetements in its youthful, unbound feeling of freedom.

We were drawn to the idea of working with this contrary combination and fed it into describing the character of a sheltered teenager who has discovered a part of herself through rock & roll. She doesn't want her parents to find out about her new style and retains her sorely outdated hair; a visual representation of her conflicted identity.

Photographer: Tom Buck

Stylist: Emily Hawkins

Hair & Make Up: Natalie Viner

Style Assistant: Bonnie Langedijk 

Talent: Sally Jonsson at MILK Model Management