Trousers by Ganni, Top by Sophie Hart-Walsh and Shoes from Carlo Manzi


Left: Shirt by Olivia von Halle. Right: Coat by Shrimps and Boots by Carlo Manzi.


Left: Shirt Vintage. Right: Dress by Mother of Pearl.


Left: Shirt worn underneath by Paul Smith, Hair Slide stylist's own. Right: Dress from Contemporary Wardrobe, Socks stylist's own and Shoes by G.H Bass.


Left: Trousers from Carlos Manzi. Right: Swimsuit from Carlos Manzi and Jacket by Ganni.


Left: Top by Shrimps. Right: Dress by Sophie Hart Walsh.




Left: Shirt from Contemporary Wardrobe. Right: Shirt by Sophie Hart WalshDungarees by Ganni and Shoes from Carlo Manzi.

Inspired by Virginia Woolf’s eponymous work, A Room of One’s Own is a story that follows the relationship between women and the space they occupy, the freedom of their movements, and scope of their desires.

Photographer Felix TW and Stylist Daisy Toogood create the impression of candid moments, in seemingly friendly, partly domestic spaces of leisure, using soft tones and warm light. Their subjects however interrupt the scene by looking straight into the camera, a symbol of reclaiming space and agency.


Photographer - Felix TW

Stylist - Daisy Toogood

Layout EditorSuleika Müller

Talent - Fern Bain-Smith