All looks by JEAVEN&JELL.

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In Paris, it is difficult to really look at oneself. In Paris, the cartoons come from anywhere and are the only free thing in the whole city. Here, one learns that if you fall in love it is because you are ugly, or they are deceiving you. Here you learn that if you have a romantic partner, it is pure social convenience for the girlfriends of your lovers to sleep peacefully even if they find your hair in the shower. I came to Paris because I knew it embraced contradictions like no other city. It was the place where I could put my hand inside other people, without logical reasons. Just because. I loved Paris very much. So much that I left everything for those four walls. It was my first love. And, like all the first loves, there came a point where it lost its meaning. Because, you know, I was just another thing. I was my mother, my school of nuns, the needles, the X-mas candies, and the abandonment. Everything that has already been given to me, for Christ's sake. But Paris gave me what appears when one leaves. I leave Paris for you to come after me.


Photographer & Stylist - Alejandro Gata

Videographer - Romy Abbrederis

TalentSara Étienne