We are proud to present A House is not a Home, the first in a series of four cover videos for PETRIe 68: Not Your Savage. Visual artist and videographer Andrea Picci offers a unique interpretation of the eponymous story by Marie Schuller and Fabio Merche for the upcoming PETRIe print issue.

The liberating aesthetic of the story, the tension between subject and setting, the fragmentary logic of storytelling that speaks to contemporary experience – all are fully reflected in Picci's work. The interdisciplinary and multimedia approach to creative production allows Picci to explore the complexities of visual narrative, superimposing form and counter-form, and oscillating between truth-telling and the make-believe often at home in art. Here, Picci´s aesthetic distances itself from the necessity of demarcation: appearance and reality, the static and the mobile, the familiar and the strange – they find a space to coexist and inform a rebellious, yet honest, viewing experience.


Video - Andrea Picci

Photographer - Marie Schuller

Stylist - Fabio Merche

Talent - Mouna Fadiga at Storm Management