Right: Marlene wears Top by Cormio.

Far right: Alessandro wears Top by Federico Folladore and Jacket by Fabio Quaranta.

Top right: Giovanni wears Shirt by Fabio Quaranta and Jacket by Comme des Garçons archive.


   Left: Anna wears Jacket by Cormio.


Left: Marlene wears Shirt and Corset by Cormio. Right: Erika wears Jacket stylist's won.


This is a story of remembrance. We seek to understand ourselves, as we learn the stories of our parents, and their parents before them. We are deeply moved by the fragility of youth and beauty, the survival of love despite the passing of time, and by the frequent discoveries of our families in the fibre of our very souls.

We are a revival. We live today, with gratitude and love, as they have lived. 


Art DirectorsNicola NovelloAnita Viero

PhotographerNicola Novello

StylistAnita Viero

ContributorRoberta Netto

Make-Up & Hair StylistSerena Pravato

TalentsMarlene, Anna, Giovanni, Erika and Alessandro

AssistantElizabeth Lora